Press Release 2022​

Iconic Men Grooming Co. is a company truly dedicated to men’s care. They offer a wide range of services and products to provide each customer a full and satisfying experience. The company began about 6 years ago by owners Robert and Anna. Starting off on a very small scale, they have been quickly gaining speed in the barbering and men’s care industry, going from knocking on doors to having approximately 5000 loyal customers. 

Iconic Men is a family run business who have come from a line of business men. They claim it is in their blood and it shows! Rob and his son’s have a vast knowledge of business along with the barbering industry and years of experience to go in hand with it. This perfect trifecta has resulted in a booming business completely devoted to men’s self care. They have successfully been able to get a feel of their clients and their needs to specifically cater to them. 


Barbering and men’s care products have been a passion of theirs for many years which is the foundation of Iconic Men. The beauty industry has widely been catered towards women for centuries but Iconic Men believes that there should be a change to this and so decided to open a business tailored to men. After all, why should men not be pampered as well? Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves regardless of gender and Iconic Men offers products and services to provide this. 

Iconic Men sincerely enjoy what they do. Being what they believe is the first in their area, they are inspired by creating an experience that men can simply relish. They love to see men entering their showroom with their eyes lighting up at the sight of all of their quality products just for them. It is a feel-good experience for both customer and employee that Iconic Men can be proud of. They have often been told that they have successfully managed to open a “Victoria’s Secret” for men. This encourages them to strive to do even more. They really do have a one of a kind shop that caters to men.


The company is a one stop shop. With such fair, competitive prices and a large selection of products there is really no need to go anywhere else. Iconic men provide top-notch service which is shown through their reviews. To quote some of their customers, one said,


These guys are amazing. Definitely found my new one stop supplier for all barber needs. Rob has fantastic communication even with online orders. Am looking forward to making future orders from them.”


Another customer reviewed,

“This company is absolutely the best around! Fantastic products at amazing prices. As well, I can’t forget the top tier customer service thanks to Rob and Anna!”


With their numbers of current, happy customers, it is safe to say they are successful in their endeavors and are now offering new barbering workshops which will enable you to become certified in barbering. Powered by BaBylissPro, Iconic Men is giving back to the growing industry. They have numerous developed workshops for barbers of any level, as well as offering custom workshops. Iconic Men listens to your needs so you can achieve success. As a soon to be renowned company in the industry you can trust Iconic Men’s expertise and customer service. They truly do stand out and offer the absolute best in men’s care.





DECEMBER 04TH -06TH 2023

CONTACT 9054875330