{SMP) 3 day training workshop certificate program

Our 3-Workshop SMP Training and Certification program, is for those that would like a more hands-on approach to learning the art and science of Scalp Micropigmentation, and want to learn everything about SMP directly from our Master SMP Artist. This program includes working through all the lessons and practice modules one-on-one with Our Master Artist. In the first two days of the program, you will go over everything from skin anatomy to hair loss, to hair loss treatment options, to SMP theory. The last day of the program is set aside for the student to simply work on as many different scalps as possible.

We also offer in shop apprenticeships. Please speak to our coordinators for more information. Apprenticeships are limited space and require contracts in order to function. You will be paid as a barber while you learn.


Classes that span more than 3 days can be split up into different weeks, as well as all classes are interchangeable and work together as a complete set in which you will be awarded a certificate of completion by Babylisspro Barberology.