You are here because you are interested in learning how to braid!

Here at Iconic Men we can train you how to braid hair, boosting your own potential. We will offer on-site lessons for individuals, groups, salons and barbershops

A uniquely designed training programs suited for different groups with all equipment provided. Our instructors will lead a demonstration followed by a practice portion where students can try out what they’ve learned. We will focus on the steps to master a handful of popular cornrows, single braids, design braids.

Whether you are seeking to manage your own hair, your children’s hair, or generate some income, our braid classes are specially designed to help you master braid techniques.

  • We will offer one on one or small class sizes of 2-3 where you can learn without distractions.
  • Specialize training on model or mannequin with Instructor with proven track record.
  • Take home material and products to use at home.
  • Guaranteed to perform braiding skills
  • 8 Hour Class

With 4 styles to learn from:

  • Knotless braids
  • Crochets
  • Weaves
  • Box braids
  • Triangle or circle and square parting
  • Cornrows
  • Twists
  • Dutch braids

Included in your class:

  • Stretch the Hair
  • Sectioning the hair off
  • Installing the braids
  • Baby hair- Edge tutorial
  • Removal process
  • Clean up braids
  • Sealing the ends, dipping the braids

$599.99 +HST